Neon Signs Technical Data Sheets

Download technical data sheets using the link in the general navigation.

The Technical Data Sheets Binder is a more thorough set of illustrations which shows properly wired channel letters with LED or Neon.

Compared to the Neon Installation Guide, the Technical Data Sheets show the whole sign in a side view with arrows pointing to specific details.

Some of the things you will see are: Proper Spacing, Tube Supports, Bonding, Liquid Tight Flexible Metal Conduit, Transformers, Enclosures, Grounding Wire, Disconnect, Listed Disconnect, Hi Volt Box, Take Up Box, 30mA Transformer, 60 mA Transformer, Test Button, Bypass Switch, Diagnostic Light, Neon Tube, Boots and Sleeving, Glass Cup, Electro Insulating Boots & Sleeving, Listed GTO Cable, Gas Tube Oil Ignition (GTO) Cable.

There are many more examples of Neon installations simply because there are more options to choose when installing Neon rather than LED channel letters.



Disclaimer and Proper Use

High voltage, secondary wiring installations, should only be attempted by experienced electrical professionals. This manual is not a how-to guide covering all aspects of high-voltage neon installations. This manual is a visual reference guide used to help avoid common mistakes in secondary wiring. It can also be used as a complement to other materials in learning the basics about definitions, parts, and different types of installations found within the sign industry. This manual should not be relied upon as the sole source of information for high-voltage installations. At the time of printing, we believe the information found within is correct; however, codes and legislation change and that may outdate sections of this visual guide. The publishers or sponsors of this visual guide cannot be held liable for any damages or injury resulting from interpretations, or use of this manual as a basis for electrical installations. Installers of any high-voltage wiring should always conform to the relevant or applicable electrical practices, sign codes, electrical codes or other governing authorities.


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