The neon installation guide is designed to be inexpensive to everyone, to visibly show the proper installation of Recognized and Listed products. This guide will refer you to Websites for agencies, such as Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. for standard information and product manufacturers’ websites for current information on listed products, installation instructions and service requirements. 
Standards organizations allow access through their sites for current information on items such as the sign accessory manual (SAM) which includes products available to be used in Listed signs.

While using this manual, please be advised listed products have electrical ratings, markings and installation instructions that must be adhered to in accordance with the NEC; and Recognized Components have "Conditions of Acceptability" that must be adhered to in order to use the component in a listed sign. Not using products within their ratings and in accordance with their markings and installation instructions or "Conditions of Acceptability" may increase the risk of fire. Additionally, many products are listed as a system of parts, using different parts not covered as part of the system may increase the risk of fire. 

The following authorities are found not only in this guide, but on various products, data sheets, and industry publications concerning neon installation. What they represent is listed below. 
UL: Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. 
NFPA 70: National Fire Protection Association 
NEC: National Electric Code 
IAEI: International Association of Electrical Inspectors 
CSA: Canadian Standards Association 
NRTL: Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory These are testing laboratories that test products to the UL Standards and label with their Listing mark.


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