• Sign location is wet

  • Connections Inside Channel Letter (Exposed) Must Be Listed As A "System" For Wet Locations

  • Protected Connections On The Opposite Side Of The Wall Are Damp/Dry Rated

  • Protected Connections Inside Raceway Can be Enclosure Rated, This Allows:
    • Twisted Connections With Appropriate Spacing
    • GTO Without Integral Or External Sleeving

Wet Location - Installations subject to saturation with water or other liquids (such as vehicle washing areas), and unprotected locations exposed to weather.

housing cap

Boot & Sleeve (Masters-Watertite system shown)

G cup
with CPA
(Absko shown)

Drain holes 
Letters and raceway

cutoff switch

½" Lip on 

Porcelain wire support

100 Glass 

300 Open 
glass housing


Example of Finished Installation

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